Renowned and Beloved Hawaiiana Artist:  Dietrich Varez

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DIETRICH VAREZ first came to Hawai'i at age 8, when his mother married his stepfather Manuel Varez. After the war-torn Germany he'd known, it was love at first sight, and his romance with Hawaii still grows.

Shunning publicity and working in the simplest possible fashion with linoleum blocks or canvas, Varez continually shapes his strong personal expression of Hawai'i. By nature Varez is a quiet and retiring man, he lives with his wife Linda (also a noted painter) in a remote rain forest setting near Volcano Village on the Big Island.

Isolated by several miles of bad road, he is able to maintain the tranquility he desires for his work. The Hawai'i of old - when spirits inhabited every tree and stone, and gods walked the earth - is Dietrich's inspiration. His work boldly traces the adventures and passions of a cast of mythical characters he has carefully researched in legend. He lovingly and faithfully depicts Hawaiians practicing the arts, skills, and values of Hawai'i, old Hawai'i lifestyles and legends, in all of his prints, illustrated books, and vibrant oil paintings.

Dietrich is one of the Big Island's most beloved artists.

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